American Left Thinks Right-Wing = Jack-Booted Nazis

I was a Leftist Liberal for a long time before learning the truth about our nation’s history, our founding principles, and world history. Today, of course, I am an ardent Constitutional Conservative—a prodigal son of liberty.

My experience with having been a Leftist Liberal most of my life gives me a unique advantage. I know how they think. I know how the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Marxists think. I know their thought process. I how they inform themselves. I know what motivates them. I know their tendencies. I know how they feel and why. I know why they make the decisions they make.

Leftists think from their heart, and feel from their brain. They’ve got it backwards. I’m talking here about the average Leftist voter, not about Leftists in positions of power in government or otherwise. The average American Leftist is by and large ill informed. The Leftists in positions of power are a whole ‘nother matter. I’m just talking here about the Leftists in the general American electorate.

The average American Leftist citizen or voter is ill informed. As I was for many years. But this is not by accident. It is in large part by design, and in part due to human nature. I want to address the extent to which Americans are misinformed about history by design. This subject is vast and could easily fill a book or two. Let’s narrow our focus to one simple design—one simple reason why Leftists have the misconception that Nazis were Right-Wing Conservatives. This is a VERY important question. The answer to this question informs us how the average Leftist thinks—in case you were never a Leftist. It is also a window into the minds of those who designed this to happen, i.e. Leftists in government and positions of power

Why does the average American Leftist believe Nazis were Right-Wing Conservatives?

Two reasons:

1) Leftists do not know what Conservative means.  Nor are they informed about what Leftist means.

2) The U.S. education system(grammar school through college) informed us Americans that Nazis were Right-Wing Conservatives.

The education system in the U.S. was invaded by socialist progressive teachers in the early 1900s trained in socialist Germany. The media suffered this invasion as well, but that’s another article. In the early 1900s, the U.S. education system was inundated with enthusiastic teachers returning from German Bismarckian universities.  Educators anxious to impart their new-found utopian views of socialism. Of course, the U.S. Constitution and America’s founding principles would have to be discarded for a more “enlightened” modern world.

Quite my design, our school textbooks (grammar school through college) and curriculum would have to be rewritten to reflect the socialist educators’ views of “what should be taught.” And what was taught in the classroom, in textbooks, written in the media, narrated on newsreels by new Progressive journalists was, among other things, that Nazis were Right-Wing Radicals. That fascism is Right-Wing Radicalism. Right-Wing, of course, meaning conservative. Hence Nazi’s are today widely believed by Americans to be Right-Wing Conservatives.

Nazis were not “Right-Wing” nor “conservative.” Nazis were in fact national socialists(the National Socialist German Workers Party). Nazis were LEFTISTS. The Nazi’s were big-government, socialists, who controlled all means of banking, commerce, and production. (See Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg.)

So, we’ve all seen the black and white newsreels of Nazi German soldiers parading. That is a very indelible image. Take it from me, a former Leftist, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THOSE IMAGES. Thousands of spiffy German soldiers in uniform, tall black jack boots, rifle at shoulder, goose-stepping impressively in unison. THAT image, coupled with years of teachers telling us young impressionable students that Nazis were ideological “Right-Wingers” cements in the student’s mind the following:

  • Military might and aggression is Conservative thinking.
  • Big government take over of a nation is Conservative thinking.
  • Racial supremacy is Conservative thinking.
  • Gun ownership is Conservative thinking.
  • Dictatorship is Conservative thinking.
  • Militarizing a police force is Conservative thinking.

THAT is why a Leftist media mistakenly labels anyone wearing army surplus fatigues, black boots, spouting racist slurs, and is threatening violence a “radical Right-Wing” group. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these people are either a hate group, or are radical Leftists. The majority of Leftists in our country today are completely uneducated about our nation’s founding principles(conservatism) and are purposefully misinformed about their own Leftist history.


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