Welcome home prodigal sons(and daughters) of liberty!

I created this website to fill a need I felt was missing on the internet. A need of mine, really. But a need I hope you share. You probably gathered from the Home page that I LOVE my country. I do indeed. I love the principles on which America was founded, I honor the good men and women who sacrificed to establish and defend it, cherish individual liberties, and believe God is not indifferent to our struggle as a nation.

I’m going to be writing often about money and the economy. It may appear to be the central theme of this blog though it is not. I am of the mind a great depression is unfolding. Or worse. The economic storm before us is but a symptom of the problem. The problem we face today is as old as the fall of man. The nature of man. The problems we are experiencing economically stem from increasing government and decreasing individual liberty. Our problems today are not new, or unique, high-tech, or unprecedented. Nor are they insurmountable. History has a story to tell. But a whisper. And our founding fathers heard it.

I am a Conservative with a capital “C.”  I am conservative as our founding fathers were conservative. I’m conservative in every aspect of my life: ideologically, economically, socially, and religiously. I’m a purist. A proud ideologue. In short, I make Ronald Reagan look like a socialist.

The purpose of this website. This is a gathering place—a cool spot of shade under the Liberty Tree. A respite on another oppressive hot day of government over reach and withering loss of liberties. Can you feel it? Prodigal Sons of Liberty is a place where we can rediscover the truth of our country, reexamine the mistakes of men made, track current affairs, and collaborate to improve our lives, those we care about, and our nation. This is a place to uncover, discover, and recover.

This is my first blog. I don’t know anything about running a blog. Computers and I generally don’t get along. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m scared. I’m uncomfortable. And I don’t relish putting myself “out there.” I much prefer solitude and anonymity. But I’m going to do it anyway. Because I feel like I’m supposed to.

And I may blow-off some steam once in a while. (Don’t worry—PG-13 stuff.)

Why the name Prodigal Sons of Liberty. Because I have returned. I am that son. I was the spoiled young arrogant brat who demanded his inheritance, squandered it, and came running back home broke and desperate. I used to be a flaming lefty liberal socialist. I demanded entitlements; I squandered my talent, resources, self-worth, and self-esteem; I came running back home confused and desperate. Upon arrival home I was accepted and forgiven. I was moved to reexamine my life, my thinking, my assumptions about people and the world. I became willing and open-minded. I rediscovered the faith in which I was baptized and confirmed. And, I re-read U.S. American history in a new light. Was lost and now I am found. I am a prodigal son of liberty. By God’s grace.

To my patriotic brothers and sisters who kept our nation’s house always, those who always knew and never strayed, who kept the faith, kept the truth, who kept doing the right thing in spite of worldly contradictions, I am humbled by your faith and humility. How can I increase your inheritance?

Special Thank You’s: to Glenn Beck and David Barton for pointing me in the right direction. To ZeroHedge.com who is the financial news before it’s news, where I discovered I’m not alone or crazy, and who provided a forum on which I first posted on the world wide web. Thank you also to Fatcow.com for your wonderful web hosting service, and WordPress.com for creating a website builder that would otherwise exclude a newbie like me from the web.

Memorial Day 2012

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