A Cautious Romney His Undoing

Republican candidate for U.S. President, Mitt Romney, will shatter under the weight of his own calculating cautious campaign.

Romney will lose the election this fall. I hear a lot of so-called conservative commentators on cable news and radio expressing confidence Romney will beat Pres. Obama this fall. I hear it. I hear the overt support.  But, I am also gathering a sense these commentators are cocksure of a Romney win.

The so-called conservative commentators breathlessly wait for further job loses, skyrocketing gas prices, and a crash in the stock market this summer to drive voters to the polls to elect their guy instead of Obama.  Job loses, gas prices, and another stock market crash are all coming to be sure. And they will keep coming regardless of who is elected.

I observed how Mitt Romney handled himself in the 2008 presidential election campaign.  I watch him now. His non-conservative values aside, Romney reminds me of the tin man on Wizard of Oz. Or, the liquid cyborg robot in Terminator II.

Romney is cautious. Too cautious.  He is afraid to make mistakes. He doesn’t know what to do or how to react.  He moves around slowly step by step as if avoiding land mines.  He’s careful.  He’s calculating. He doesn’t want to overreact.  He doesn’t want to blow his current polling numbers.  Some see a smart man, keeping his powder dry until the battle nears.   I see instead a man who is boxing himself into a corner, unwilling to throw a blow without a guarantee it will be a knockout punch.

Consequently, Romney will tighten up.  Stiffen up.  As we near election day, Romney will grow ever more cautious.  Ever more stifled with fear.  Slowly between now and that day, Romney will—like the tin man—become so cautious his movement as a dynamic individual will creak…squeak…and grind to a halt.  He will stiffen to a stop as will his poll numbers.  Unable to move forward or backward.  Stuck.  Unwilling to chance looking less than perfect.  He will become a perfect statue of himself.

If the tin man was a perfect target, so too was the liquid metal cyborg in Terminator II after freezing to a stop from liquid nitrogen.  In his immobile perfection, Romney will be an easy target for the left.  The left will attack.  The left will lie.  The closer to the election, the greater the lies—because, after all, after the election who cares to fact check.  For the socialist Marxist left, the ends justify the means.  And one of their “means” is lies.

Romney will absorb and survive the leftists attacks as unsuccessfully as the vulnerable frozen-solid cyborg survived the single bullet that shattered it to a million cyborg pieces.  So too will Romney shatter from the impact of a single and seemly ineffective accusation from the left.  It will be over for Romney in an instant.

Our Founding Fathers were bold dynamic individuals. They held up God as perfect, not themselves.  Some day we conservative constitutionalists will have a bold leader. Today is not that day. The election results this fall will usher more liberty-loving God-fearing conservatives back to the cause of our Founders—gathering under the Liberty Tree.


(Note:  I do not support Mitt Romney because he does not embrace, protect, nor defend America’s founding principles. Romney is a progressive Republican politician.)

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