40 Things I Hate About You, Obama


The other day my 12-year old son asked me, “Dad, what are three things you hate Obama?” My son is well aware I am not a fan of President Obama. I share custody of my son with his mother, my ex. Clearly from his inquiry one can assume the household in which he spends the other half of the week either supports Obama or is indifferent to Obama’s policies.

It’s a fair question—name three things.  Though I was taken aback at first. Gosh, where do you start? To answer my son’s question I took a moment to write at least three solid reasons I despise Obama and his administration; three facts about which there is little or no dispute. A short list, if you will, of easy-to-remember things to hate about Obama’s presidency. Here are a few things off the top of my head. In no particular order.

Pick the three you like.

  1. Obama was raised by, mentored by, and associates with anti-American anti-capitialist Marxists.
  2. Obama continually apologizes for America on the world stage instead of defending America’s great contributions.

    ATF agent Brian Terry

  3. He covered-up his “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scheme that killed an American, Brian Terry.
  4. He demonizes local police by presuming they are guilty before proven innocent.
  5. He is demoralizing our men and women in uniform by cutting defense spending, forcing early retirements, and issuing intolerably dangerous rules of engagement.
  6. He hasn’t fixed the wait-time problem at the VA.
  7. He covered up the IRS scheme targeting conservative non-profit organizations.
  8. He appointed two far-Left kooks to the Supreme Court.
  9. He passed ObamaCare without the support of the American people.
  10. He mocks people who value Bibles and guns.
  11. He lifted the Iran embargo.
  12. He removed U.S. anti-missile system in eastern Europe.
  13. He won’t release his college admissions and academic records.
  14. He stokes racial tensions.

    Pres. Obama               Photo by Jim Watson AFP/Getty Images

  15. He golfs too much and vacations too often.
  16. He wants gun control.
  17. He covered-up the botched Benghazi rescue.
  18. He thinks global climate change is a more immediate threat than Islamic terrorism.
  19. He pulled troops out of Iraq too fast and won’t admit it.
  20. He traded away five top Taliban prisoners for one U.S. traitor, Bergdahl.
  21. His military withdraw from Yemen was disgraceful.
  22. He doubled our Federal Budget deficit to 18 trillion dollars.
  23. He supported the Wall Street/Big Bank bailout in 2008.
  24. He gave billions of dollars of taxpayer money from the 2009 Stimulus Package to political friends.
  25. He lied to the American people about ObamaCare, that people would save money and keep their doctors.
  26. He passes massive business regulation laws on holidays when no one is watching the news or paying attention. Most transparent administration in history? I think not.
  27. He is not enforcing immigration laws.

    San Bernardino, CA                             Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

  28. He won’t deport visa jumpers.
  29. He won’t secure our border.
  30. He underestimated ISIS.
  31. He treats our long-time ally Israel with contempt.
  32. He threatened to shoot down any Israeli jets attempting to bomb Iran.
  33. He cuts a deal with Iran allowing Iran to make nuclear bombs.
  34. He won’t call radical Islamic terrorism by name.
  35. He is soft on Muslims but hard on Christians.
  36. He supports abortion and Planned Parenthood cutting and selling baby parts.
  37. He is shutting down U.S. coal, oil, and natural gas production.
  38. He lies to the American people about the real jobless statistics.
  39. He forces impossible and dangerous rules of engagement on our troops. (This one makes me so furious I had to include it twice.)
  40. He criticizes the U.S. Constitution for limiting government, that it should instead be changed to give government more power.



(Kenton Long is a father, writer, proud patriot, and investment professional living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Anthropology, ASU.)

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